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    The Designer

    Tanja Vana

    With her fashion, Tanja Vana realises all of what is important to her. Nature is her home since ever here she finds her inspiration for new models and collections. As an independent entrepreneur she is able to respectfully interact with what really matters to her: regarding the natural resources and ensuring sustainability.

    On her way she practically learned the skills, techniques and production steps related to the creation of cloths. With this knowledge and her high demands in quality she is planning and directing the complete process from the idea to the final product from Ajna. Over the years Tanja developed and established her own style inspired by travelling to different countries and getting to know exotic and foreign cultures.

    She has the aim to continuously improve the working conditions as well as the environmental impact caused by the production process of garments. In conventional production systemsthere are up to 600 chemicals being used for the dying process - a procedure she totally disagrees with. The only possible answer to that problem is organic fashion. "What is organic"

    Tanja accepts responsibility for the environment with her creations.

    Organically cultivated and treated cotton as well as ecologically compatible colours are used for her clothing. As a matter of fact all steps in the production chain are socially compatible and fair traded, is self-evident for Ajna and Tanja Vana!

    "...Therefore, the wearer of Ajna cloths can also feel comfortable in regard to these important questions..."
    Tanja Vana


    Silfo Dress black-violet

    Silfo Dress black-violet

    70,00 €
    49,00 €