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    Ajna design Organic Fashion

    Ajna Design - Your Online Store for Organic Clothing

    Our controlled organic cotton is grown on the basis of sustainable agriculture without the use of genetically modified plants and the use of pesticides. In this way we can ensure that our textiles are inspired not only by the forms of nature, but also under the best possible working conditions and without harmful environmental influences. With this background, our natural fashion for women, men and children has a distinctive style and stands for elegant, unique and environmentally conscious organic clothing.

    Ajna-design-New Collection

    Nature connectedness with attractive Organic-Clothing

    High comfort is just as important to us as unmistakable design, fair trade and the sustainable production of our natural fashion. Therefore, take a look at the natural shapes, cuts and colors of our textiles and enjoy the wearing of fine and high-quality fabrics from our online shop. The Ajna-Design team is looking forward to meeting you!Our aesthetic and fascinating organic-collection stands for:
    Organic cotton from organic farming
    Environmentally friendly and certified production
    Inspiring style following natural models

    Yoga Fashion

    Yoga clothes from organic cotton

    Not unintentionally, we choosed our label name Ajna from Sanskrit and yoga. Thanks to an optimal fit and high-quality fabrics, our natural style is very comfortable and perfect for meditation and relaxation. In addition to the organic leggings, our yoga clothing made of organic cotton also contains many other charming textiles: arm warmers, organic garments, organic sweaters, vests, tops, skirts.


    Fashion Inspired by Nature

    Ajnas collections are dominated by earthy colours. The pattern – often asymmetric and with harmonic shapes – remind us of the nature that surrounds us. High quality materials and comfort are the guiding principles of Tanja Vana’s designs for Ajna Designs. At Ajna, all items complement each other in a way that will continuously enhance your unique sense of organic style.

    Ajna Sommer n2017

    "Green Fashion Initiatives: Walking the Talk

    Nature provides us not only with new ideas, but also with valuable resources that Ajna Design is using carefully and sustainably.Since 2009, we have been working only with producers that are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the leading standard for organic clothing worldwide.Its guidelines and recommendations monitor and control the organic cultivation and treatment of organic cotton as well as the compliance with fair trade social standards along the production chain.To this end, all contractors and suppliers are controlled by independent, international agencies. To safeguard a high quality of the cloths, best possible conditions for the workers as well as a support of jobs in Europe Ajna Design has consciously chosen manufacturing facilities in Portugal.

    Environmentally friendly organic-materials

    Staying true to our philosophy, all our durable, organic materials cotton-jersey, organic cotton- fleece and French terry are chosen with great care. Inspiration for our warm, earthy colors is drawn directly from nature.

    Ajna design Natural fashion

    Nature is the best designer and its shapes and colors have always inspired and touched people. At Ajna-Design, therefore, we design our natural way of life from nature and create inimitable and wonderful Organic-cloths.

    The online shop for unique Women- fashion

    Our ideas and materials come exclusively from nature. The name Ajna originates from Sanskrit and stands for the sixth chakra, which as a "third eye" embodies perception and creativity. The design and conception of our organic-clothing is therefore always in harmony with nature. Using exquisite organic cotton from ecological cultivation, we create fashionable and unusual, unique women- fashion.

    The Meaning of "Ajna"

    The name of the label is derived from the Indian Sanskrit root Ajna [ɑʃnɑ]. Ajna is the sixth primary chakra. It stands for “the third eye”, which is said to guide our perception and creativity.